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artisticallyset's Journal

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Who is? They is? What is?

My name is Shul Sargent. I'm currently in my twenties and have been writing fanfiction since 2004.

I started writing when I was little, but never really finished an entire one. This writing journal is used to publish the stories I'm working on, mostly fanfiction, but some of the writings I intent to try and publish.

My writing journal is Friends Only, please friend the journal by clicking this , for those that have never used LJ before. Once you friend the journal, I'll friend you back and you have full access to the locked entries. I'd really enjoy feedback from my readers, so comments would be appriciated.

The entries are friends locked because I like to know who has read the stories, or really who has access to reading the stories.

DA: ShullieQ
LJ: ShullieQ
Twitter: ShullieQ
Tumblr: Shullieq
Email: shullieq@gmail.com
Feel free to message me on any!

Black Fingernails, Red Wine is one of the current piece of writing I'm working on. It features Itachi and Deidara in an AU setting. The fanfic is rated R for drugs, language, sexual content, child abuse and alcohol.

Exquisite Desire is the second story. It also features Itachi and Deidara in an AU setting. Itachi is a high school student that gets kidnapped by Deidara, a three hundred year old vampire. This fic is rated R for language, sexual content, and violence.

Your imput as you read would be much appriciated since I've never really written something like this before, especially with the intent of publication.

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